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Don't waste your time vetting freelancers or tracking down runaway agencies. We'll be your equitable partner in building your next awesome idea.

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Your ideas 🤝 Our skills

You have ideas and we have the skills to build them. Let us take the guesswork out of designing, building, deploying, and maintaining your next great one.

Rapid application development

Using modern tooling and processes and utilizing open source languages and frameworks allows us to move faster, saving you time and money.

Custom software development

No two products are the same, which is why we build bespoke web applications tailored to fit your businesses specific needs and support your team's processes.

Legacy code migration

Already have an application but the rust is starting to show? Are simple features taking too long to ship? We take legacy applications from life support to evergreen.

API development

Whether building your own API to use with a mobile app, or integrating your system with services such as Google, Zapier, or Stripe we're experts at API development.

Always in the loop

You have the ideas, we have the skills to execute. That's why we work in short, iterative sprints followed by your feedback, making sure we're on the right track.


Let us help you increase your developer productivity, confidence in deployments, and prepare for disaster recovery by configuring CI/CD pipelines and automating your infrastructure.


Our senior-level experts offer a range of consulting services including mentoring, technical planning, process improvement, and help with hiring.
Team collaboration

“Communication was excellent throughout the entire process. The tools they built save me TENS OF HOURS per week and the features that GrayMatter added in made them even better.”

Chris Barnes
Sales Manager, Affiliate Marketing

“The processes alone that Ryan put in place have drastically improved how fast we ship features even after they left.”

Andrew Keller
CTO, Software as a Service

“Ryan and Justin were easy to work with, made perfect sense of my ideas, and the designs turned out exactly how I wanted. And they were extremely fast!”

Evelyn Yu
Founder, E-commerce

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